I'm a customer-focused and human-centric Service Designer, with agency and corporate experience.

I’m strategic
Focused on the bigger picture end-to-end experience, creating frameworks and approaches, shaping organizatonal design, and building skills and capabilities to deliver on those strategies.

I'm a practitioner
Hands-on and knee-deep in internal and external facing projects, applying Service Design, Design Research, and Design Thinking methodologies and frameworks to the design of services and experiences that delight customers, as well as the employees that deliver them. I also drive delivery of the services through change management and implementation.  

I’ve worked with 
I've leveraged my extensive knowledge and experience to create innovative strategies, services, and products for provincial governments, crown corporations, public organizations, and private corporations across Canada.

Some of the larger organizations I’ve worked with are: Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Service Nova Scotia, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, BC Ministry of Health, and the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, to name a few. 

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May 2017 to present

I’m currently the Manager of Service Design at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, which is a new role within the organization.

My role is mandated to bring a customer-focus and human-centric perspective into the organization at a strategic and project level, as well as build capability to shift the organization towards an outside-in customer-focus.

Highlights: Rate Affordability Action Plan redesigning the Claims experience and Rate Design for Insurance. Team design for the Service Design team, and Channel Strategy.



June 2016 to May 2017

This was 1 year maternity coverage for user experience efforts of the UX team. My skills and expereince also allowed me to work on Service Design projects, resulting in the creation of a brand new Service Design team after my year as UX Lead.

Highlights: Researched and mapped experiences for Commercial Insurance, and Human Resources. Advised on UX of Claims Portal, Affinity Plates, Personalized Number Plates, and the Road Test Form.



November 2015 to June 2016

Agency role working on strategic, innovation, research, and digital transformation projects for clients such as ICBC, Service Nova Scotia, and the  BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

Highlights: Developed service-focused transformation strategy for ICBC. One month project in Halifax researching and planning a digital transformation for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program. Research, synthesis, and Design Sprint planning for BCLC. 



September 2014 to November 2015

Agency role working on Service Design projects for BC Hydro, the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, Service Design BC, and BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Interaction/UI design clients included HealthLinkBC, BC Ministry of Health, and the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia.



June 2014 to August 2014

A two week contract consulting on an existing product’s potential, that turned into two months working with the team to pivot the company into an emerging area of the golf industry design (online lessons). I developed an innovative business model and service that mashed up concepts of mobile-based learning and online dating, which was well ahead of competitor offerings.



September 2013 to April 2014

Agency role working on strategic and innovation projects for startups such as CommandWear and NGRAIN Software, as well as doing internal branding for the newly established GlobablMechanic UX consulting division.


Due to the nature of, and sensitivities around, my work, I am unable to include work examples of the various deliverables I’ve created on my website. If you are interested in working with me, I can share examples, but cannot leave any behind.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) as Manager, Service Design and UX Lead

Rate Affordability Action Plan (RAAP)
The Rate Affordability Action Plan work has been the focus on myself and my team since late last year. The results of this project will fundamentally change how insurance premiums will be calculated, as well as change the Claims service from a compensation focus to a care focused model. It is consuming the majority of resources from the Insurance, Claims and HR divisions… it’s a massive endeavour attempting to turn the corporation around financially while improving value for customers.

I have been brought into various streams of the Rate Design project and Product (Claims service re-design) to help the business understand proposed changes from a customer perspective and experience impact, as well as to advise on and document the experience for customers.  

For Rate Design, this included planning and facilitating a series of workshops, resulting in maps of the experience changes and concerns that could result from their proposed changes based on various audiences, which has significantly impacted their decisions.

For Product, this included planning and facilitating a series of workshops gathering internal and customer insights for a desired future experience, and mapped the current state of a complex claim. Continuing this work, we will design a future customer experience via a series of Service Blueprinting workshops.
New Vehicle Replacement+ (NVR+)
For NVR+, I planned and facilitated a workshop looking to re-design the product as it was not performing well in the marketplace. I worked the group through an ecosystem map, and then through a journey map. The outcomes were that Insurance decided not to pursue the product changes in the way they were thinking and to look at the product from a customer perspective. This project was put on hold due to RAAP. 

Odometer collection
This was an exploratory project, to identify business, broker, and customer concerns regarding the collection of odometer information. I planned and facilitated a series of workshops with Senior business people to explore possibilities of introducing Odometer collection from customers. Using experience scenarios, we identified three different approaches, ultimately resulting in delaying the project until the business could do further research and develop the concept further. This effort was superseded by RAAP.

Claims Customer Experience Program
I formulated an approach and framework to develop a customer focused experience improvement program for the Claims division. Through a series of workshops that built on top of each other, we gained insights into Senior Leader’s vision, produced a customer journey map for a simple claim that eliciited 91 opportunities, refined and bundled those opportunities into 56, covering everything from product improvement suggestions, training for staff, and improved communications for customers.

The working team and I then prioritized the 56 initiatives and took 10 of the highest priority and determined what would be needed to “make them real”. These were presented to Senior Leaders in a Dragon’s Den type format to get commitment and funding.

Taxis and Municipalities experience mapping for Commercial Insurance
Conducted internal and external interviews and workshops and read secondary research to develop an overall Commercial Customer Experience for Taxis and Municipalities based in ICBC’s Customer Value Proposition. I used journey maps to identifiy issues and find opportunities.

Working with the business, we prioritized the opportunities based on business and customer benefits. This resulted in outdated policies being identified and changed with priority, offering updated benefits such as wage loss and considerations for fleet depreciation. 

Employee Experience mapping
Journey mapped the employee experience through various key lifecycle points for the Human Resources division. The map was created in a 10 person, 4-hour, workshop that I planned and facilitated. Human Resources continues to refer to it for planning purposes.

Co-designed a new Road Test form
Planned and led a 6 hour co-design workshop with Driver Examiners and customers to re-design the Road Test exam form. Post-workshop, I worked with Driver Licencing staff to create customer-focused prototypes based concepts from the workshop. The prototypes are being piloted in various Driver Licence offices, and the successful form will eventually replace the current road test examination form.

Planned Affinity Plates
Plotted out the customer workflow for Affinity Plates (a new type of licence plate), from a "what do we actually need to build to make this happen" perspective for this online delivered service to be. I then ran workshops with the business and technology teams to gather UI requirements, then took those requirements and made workflows and loose UI mockups.

Advised on UX changes for Online Claim submission portal
Improved the Guidewire-based Online Claim submission and status checking tool in regards to UX, both from an interface and flow perspective (as much as possible given the desire to remain "out of the box" as much as possible).

I started reviewing the customer feedback survey data to identify UX isues, and reported the results to the business. This report has developed into a much wider report that the business depends on to make decisions. I also started the groundwork for this to be turned into an online workflow including payment.

UX’d Personalized Number Plates form
Redesigned the Personalized Number Plates application form to be customer-centric by eliminating unnecessary form fields, restructuring the flow, and enhancing the inline instructions to eliminate the need for separate instruction sheets. I also recommended the addition of an online name checker to reduce unacceptable applications. 

FCV Interactive as Senior Service Designer

Service Nova Scotia - Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP)
I spent one month in Halifax, Nova Scotia, gaining an understanding of the Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP). This program gave a maximum $200 rebate once per year aimed at assisting low income persons. The project's goal was to gain understanding of what a digital experience would look like, as there was a government mandate to move the paper/mail based service online.

I conducted secondary research to gain an understanding of the program, mainly around how it was perceived by the Nova Scotian public at large, and to understand how it was performing.

I then lived in Halifax for a month, were I conducted 6 internal business interviews and 12 external customer interviews (in customer's homes) over 5 days to gain an understanding of how the service was being delivered, and what was required for customers to apply for the rebate, as well as understand their thoughts and feelings around the program itself. This immersion reinforced how necessary the service was, as Halifax in March provided a good understanding of how cold it can be, and gave me an understanding of the day-to-day lives of the residents.

It quickly became apparent there were internal inefficiencies in the program delivery, and that customer acceptance of a digital delivery would be problematic, mainly due to the age demographics and technical/access capabilities of major portions of the audience. Planning for digital assistance would be a necessity for successful online delivery.

Still in Halifax, I worked with another designer to synthesize the findings of the interviews, developed a customer journey map of the experience based on those findings, wrote an outcomes report to highlight the internal process issues, and delivered the findings in a presentation/workshop.

Service Nova Scotia - UX training workshops
I co-planned and co-facilitated a two full-day workshops to skill up members of the Service Nova Scotia team in User Experience, Service Design, and Design Thinking.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation
This project focused on transformation efforts and creating co-designed user-centric services in a design sprint type workshop.

I planned a 5-day, 8 hours per day, "Accelerator" workshop, moving participants from initial research to creating Minimal Valuable Service prototypes. I also created an accompanying workbook, designed to be not only educational about the activities and useful for the participants for future reference, but also as a memento of the workshop.

I accompanied BCLC contracted researchers on customer interviews, focused on discovery of new archetypes and their lottery purchase journeys. The team then synthesized the research, updating previous archetypes and identifying two new ones.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
I was brought in immediately upon starting at FCV and began contributing meaningfully to it's success.

The Service Strategy project was in full swing, deciding on various initatives that the corporation would work on over the next few years. I jumped in and helped develop the opportunities and helped produce a roadmap.

I then continued working with ICBC on a large scale service and transformation strategy document. My role oncluded designing Service Principles and Standards, service delivery models, service governance structures, and organizational modelling, all geared towards transforming service design and delivery. The final document was a near 200 slide Keynote presentation, which our team presented in multiple client meetings to various levels of the organization over a 3 month period.

Number 41 Media as Service & Interaction Designer

BC Hydro
BC Hydro provides power to most of British Columbia. Number 41 Media was subcontracted to look at current and future digital experiences for BC Hydro customers.

How I contributed:

  • Researched residential customer experiences in current digital channels.
  • Developed current & future state service blueprints to get ideas and experiences down on paper.
  • Created digital current & future customer journey maps based off the service blueprints.
  • Interviewed cross-organizations subject matter experts to get a deeper understanding of current pains.
  • Presented both customer journey maps to senior stakeholders within BC Hydro.
  • Created wireframe prototypes for a new vision of myhydro.com

North Vancouver Recreational Commission (NVRC)
The NVRC provides residents of Vancouver’s North Shore community with recreational facilities, activities, and programs for all ages and abilities. The NVRC initiated a service design research project to discover the current state of their online and offline communication, and how the organization was perceived by the public. As well, they wanted recommendations for moving forward.

How I contributed:

  • Collaborated with other Number 41 staff on research questionnaires for public and internal staff.
  • Collaborated with other Number 41 staff to create a research plan document.
  • Collaborated with another Number 41 staff member performing 40+ intercept interviews and 10+ internal staff interviews over the space of two and a half days at various NVRC facilities.
  • Generated affinity maps for the various public and staff audience needs.
  • Generated a current state Customer Journey Map using OmniGraffle.
  • Partnered with other Number 41 staff to generate a Research Summary of the findings.
  • Generated a future state Customer Journey Map using OmniGraffle that addressed and suggested solutions for many of the issues discovered during the research, aligned with the recommendations in the Research Summary.

Service Design BC
The Service Design BC group is an internal government team that supports Ministries in their service design efforts. The Service Design Playbook is intended to be a guide on the why’s and how’s of service design to both generate buy-in and set expectations for executives, as well as be a practitioner support guide and reference for the various methods and tools used in service design projects.

How I contributed:

  • Read and evaluated the initial version of the Playbook.
  • Wireframed functional prototypes in BC Gov 2.0 look and feel using AxureRP.
  • Ran user testing session on the initial wireframed version
    Reviewed and suggested content revisions iteratively.
  • Wireframed functional prototypes in BC Gov 3.0 look and feel using AxureRP.
  • Developed a research plan and questionnaire for user research purposes.
  • Performed user acceptance testing and usability testing with management and practitioners in various Ministries.
  • Generated findings and recommendations summary report, and presented to the client.

BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for the roads and major transportation projects within BC. In support of their 2012 Internet Strategy, they wanted a research plan to review various programs and departments within the Ministry to support their services.

How I contributed:

  • Performed stakeholder interview sessions with various Ministry groups.
  • Generated a research plan with areas to investigate within the various Ministry stakeholder groups, as well as recommend target user groups and research methods that would produce the results they were hoping for.